The one who does not test cares and hopes, about revival and development of the country, of the nation is poor by spirit.
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Dear Visitors! The pages the Hero of a nation a Society(community) Culture prepare for the publication


The thinking, imposed to the people asserting(approving) "morals" of respect before thirst of a profit, is capable to destroy not only peoples, but also country, and empire...

With what the National Idea begins;
1. From High Pride of the People, which we have selected by the Presidents, Deputies, Judges, Governors, Mayors. (if Pride this is absent - Nation - People is decomposed).
2. From High Pride of High Businesses made under the direction of the set forth above people. (and if the High Businesses are absent, and the Nation - People constantly listens about larceny and corruption « to the high officials », what for such "«state", - the State collapses.
3. From High Pride of those who was called to serve the officer, by the soldier and to protect rest of the small citizens. And if they at all in force to say « Honour I have », then it not the officers and the soldiers are a shame of a Nation - People, their containing …
Looking through MASS-MEDIA, I am surprised, as ours was spread out school and universities:- the People not only with maximum education, and even the having scientific degrees began to confuse "Nation" and "nationality"... So I explain;

THE NATION - National Idea it is a uniting BEGINNING (PRIDE), at the people of different social and ethnic groups - nationalities, peoples, which forms a society(community) - COUNTRY!
Nationality it that forms in a society(community) - COUNTRY of group and grouping of the people, ALREADY, as is seen not only on an ethnic and language accessory(belonging), but already and on a social status, and even to an origin.
( Has formulated itself since anywhere has not found. If is wrong, - Guest is open for ALL)

Only Revival and development of Culture of the Peoples of Russia, revival and development of free-of-charge public health services, protection of the mother and childhood, development of general free-of-charge education. Protection of life, Honour and advantage of the Citizens. The revival and development of small cities, settlements, villages, can be National Idea!


It is important to remember, that WORDS, MARKS, the NAMES bear(carry) the basic symbolical loading connected with Samost, which itself Ung considered(counted) as the mystical centre, true Sun of the universe of Spirit. In language of analytical psychology Samost means approximately same, that in religions the God - that is maximum principle giving is meant concept To existence of physical and mental space absolute meaning(importance). Only Samost is capable to unit all arhetip of the contents and to order different processes proceeding in depth of consciousness, subconsciousness, mentality of the Man.


What exactly is known, National Idea Is the basic component mystical??? The centre of Spirit of a nation. The spirit of a nation also gives to the man from the birth basic of sense of his(its) existence, - sense of Life...

The history has shown and shows at decomposition of Spirit of a Nation, decomposition of morals, of Honour always arise both demographic crises, and economic, and POLITICAL, and moral decomposition...

Criterion of quality National Idea


SERVICE of HONOUR to the PEOPLE! Not for the sake of money

And the high officials, deputies under a cargo of mercenary interests have got confused and have confused the PEOPLE in "ideas", "ideologies", and "moral substance"

24.09.09. Now listened to radio the announcer was indignant, that " For last 20 years in Russia is not written even however neither be of the good book and no what nor be opening "
The strange man; - You see for this purpose that the books were written or any ideas were born it is necessary, that they were necessary to SOMEONE!
And now ALL are brought up and continue are brought up SO, that to ALL are necessary only money.
And you see the Creativity cannot be got for money, - money it(he) can only be killed.
26.09.09 That at us now also is done(made): - us learn(teach) ALL and including children;
" Money should do(make) MONEY "
So be mistaken the sirs, I shall say by ALL;
" Money should create the People "
Of hypocrisy, which it we, TV, "society"("community"), the street brings up by the actions and examples. Also we are then surprised children the drug, children's drunkenness etc. In a rotten atmosphere of hypocrisy whence undertakes, the man will search always for ways..., and even in a drug and drunkenness.

(С Фомичёв)


  • When the spirit of a nation falls, she dies away similarly to the patient to a body. When he Is high, any difficulties are not terrible, any purposes are achievable!

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